Bostadsbubblan i Kanada

Från Can falling home prices be good for Canada?

With Canada’s once booming real estate market showing signs of cooling, economists at CIBC say that might be a blessing in disguise for the Canadian economy.

Så här har bostadspriserna utvecklats i Kanada:

Och här är kredittillväxten i förhållande till BNP:

Detta är en kreditdriven bubbla men precis som i Sverige tror ”experterna” att bopriser rusat pga befolkningstillväxt, läs: The superficial appeal of the ‘population growth drives Canadian house price’ argument: Does it hold water?

I think we’ve seen enough to recognize that something else is at work here.  The argument that population growth causes house prices to rise indefinitely misses the massive factor of supply.  Let’s face it:  In the majority of Canadian cities, even the large CMAs, there is no shortage of building opportunities.  This argument is wholly insufficient in explaining the unparalleled real house price increases of the past decade.


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