There’s going to be a super-bubble in the miners

Doug Casey om gruvbolag: “There’s Going To Be A Bubble In Gold And Silver, And A Super-Bubble In The Miners; So Buy Them Now”

 “The junior gold stocks now, compared to gold, are about the cheapest that they’ve ever been. So if somebody wants to participate in that highly volatile, very speculative space, now is the perfect time to do it. Over many years, there have been many markets where they’ve gone up 10 to 1, fallen back 95%, than they go up 10 to 1 again. And some of the stocks go up 50 to 1, or 100 to 1. So now is the perfect time to look to get involved in them. 

Because one thing the governments are going to be doing, is creating trillions more dollars, and that’s going to create other bubbles. So if you’re well positioned, you can capitalize on that, and make a fortune as the greater depression dawns upon most people.

There is almost certainly going to be abubble in gold and silver, and a super-bubble in the companies that explore for and mine them. So buy them now.”

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