Ross Beaty: Price & supply shocks in metals this year

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“Nothing that affected the supply-side challenges we’ve seen in the last few years is different this year. If anything, supply challenges are greater. Social issues, environmental issues, political issues, resource nationalism by many countries, all of these things will constrain supply responses to high metal prices…There will be lots of shocks to cause prices to go up and go down this coming year I think.”

Och ang råvaruaktierna:

“This is a really good buyer’s market today, there’s great value in exploration companies…it’s a far better time to invest than say the beginning of 2011 when prices we’re at the top, and so I think people should look at an out of favor market. That’s when money is made. It’s when nobody else wants to invest. It’s when the best investments are made…I think it’s a very good time to invest right now for anybody looking at this particular sector…The tide is out…[but] any improvement in the macro market which brings investors back into the space will cause improvement in the share prices pretty much across the board…We are in a super-cycle [for commodities], metal prices are proving that…[so] you’ll see lot’s of capital gains being made in 2013.

“Over the long-term cream floats to the top, and a well-run company that is financially & operationally strong, with it’s greatest asset[being] it’s people…will do better than other companies, and generally speaking will outperform the market.”

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