Ian Williams om ädelmetallerna: Another multiyear bull market starting

Intervjun med Ian Williams börjar vid 12:50:


5 reaktioner på ”Ian Williams om ädelmetallerna: Another multiyear bull market starting

  1. Det stör Mej lite att man beskrev dom kraftigt ökande brytningskostnaderna i princip som en produkt av slöseri.
    Inte ett ord nämdes vad Jag hörde om usla och minskande halter i gruvorna.

  2. Vill bara lufta lite grejer som jag hittat – http://www.gata.org/node/9917

    While the judge in the case, Ellen Segal Huvelle, allowed the Fed to withhold most of the gold-related documents GATA sought (http://www.gata.org/node/9560), the document she ordered disclosed, the minutes of a secret meeting of the G-10 Gold and Foreign Exchange Committee in April 1997, showed Western central bankers conspiring to coordinate their gold market policies:

    From what GATA’s case extracted from the Fed and from what the case showed the Fed was determined to keep secret, it now has been established on the official record that the Fed and likely the U.S. Treasury Department too are heavily involved in surreptitious action to suppress the gold price. Thanks to GATA, financial journalists now have plenty of documentation to pursue the story of gold price suppression:

  3. Connect the dots:

    (Mer ingående intervju med Karen Hudes här http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWGj-Im98fo )

    Från 5e maj, http://www.thedailybell.com/29047/Anthony-Wile-Antal-Fekete-Gold-Backwardation-and-the-Collapse-of-the-Tacoma-Bridge

    Daily Bell: Nice to speak with you again. Let’s jump right in. Why is the price of gold declining?
    Antal Fekete: Columbia University professor Michael Woodford, the world’s most closely followed monetary theorist said recently that if we are going to scare the horses, might as well scare them properly. He said it in an allegorical sense: loose talk about ending QE and about exit strategies is amateurish. Telling the world that central bank financing of the public debt is here to stay, and that QE is forever, is professional. The allegory can be extended from fiscal policy to monetary policy as well. The demand for dollars is waning spectacularly due to its unprecedented debasement that, to add insult to injury, is done with great fanfare. The price of paper gold was declining in April because Bernanke now thinks it’s time to scare the horses properly. They have strayed too far afield to graze. They should get back to the dollar turf.

    Daily Bell: Where is the price of gold headed from here?
    Antal Fekete: The price of gold is headed for extinction. I for one don’t believe that the price of gold is headed for five digits. Long before that might happen, permanent backwardation* would shut down the gold futures markets. Gold could no longer be purchased at any price. Gold would only be available through barter. World trade is facing an avalanche-like transformation flattening out monetary economy into barter economy. Practically all economists, financial writers and market analysts have missed this possible scenario. They don’t see the greatest economic contraction ever staring them in the face. They don’t see the coming tsunami of unemployment. Very few see deflation as indicated by the progressive disappearance of cash gold. It never occurred to Bernanke that the new Federal Reserve notes he is printing galore could also go to purchase physical gold, causing the gold basis to shrink. Once the gold basis* goes permanently negative, the total U.S. debt, all $16 trillion of it, will not be worth one ounce of gold. That will pull the rug from underneath the international monetary system. Barter is the ultimate in deflation, and that is what the world economy is getting.

  4. http://nsnbc.me/2013/05/02/world-bank-whistle-blower-bretton-woods-near-collapse-confidence-in-the-dollar-as-an-international-currency-is-waning/

    ”Goldman Sachs announced two downgrades in the price of gold, first at the end of February, and again on April 10, 2013. Then on April 12, 2013 the Federal Reserve assaulted the price of gold through uncovered gold certificate short sales of 500 tons.”

    Det där sägs alltså av henne Karen Hudes, whistleblower från the World Bank.


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