Ang kriget mot guld & dess potentiella konsekvenser

Från Gold Wars av Ferdinand Lips:

Today’s war is a clandestine, cold and remorselsess affair. The devastation that the gold mining industry is suffering is in some ways comparable to what is happening to the Chechens or Afghans.

The generals fighting gold are the most experienced and sophisticated the world of finance has ever seen. They are fighting with the help of their powerful army consisting of wealthy bullion and giant investment banks. They even dispose of a ‘Foreign Legion’ of sorts in the form of foreign central banks. Their modern weapon system, the derivatives market, puts them in a position of being able to unleash an enourmous amount of firepower at the stroke of a pen. It is to be hoped that this firepower does not turn into an atomic bomb

The major disadvantage to this potential atomic bomb is that the generals may not even be in control of it. As a result, there was, and is, a real possibility of a worldwide financial crisis. Chances are that this crisis may turn out to be more destructive than any other drama mankind has witnessed. We may see a financial earthquake of a magnitude that will change the world and its economic and political foundations forever. Wouldn’t it be prudent of these sophisticated generals to fight the real danger? Gold is not the enemy. The enemy is the lack of the classic gold standard, a system guaranteeing prosperity.



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