Yukon satsar på gruvindustrin

Några rader från en artikel på mineweb.com:

New mining innovation centre to benefit mining, exploration and Yukoners

“Our government is taking action to create the right conditions for continued growth in the Northern mining sector, and to ensure that Northerners derive maximum benefit from the abundant natural resources in their territories,” said Harper. “Our government’s investment in this new centre will address critical skills shortages facing the region, while providing the citizens of the Yukon and the North with better access to the education and training that can lead to high quality jobs.”

Due to a shortage of skilled local workers in the region, Yukon mines are spending millions of dollars annually to fly workers in from other provinces, while local residents and Aboriginals are seeking employment,” noted the Prime Minister’s Office. “This added cost forces marginal projects to scale back or close.” Yukon’s mining industry is expected to need up to 1,700 new workers to meet its needs by 2022.

“Therefore, having a skilled local workforce improves the viability of Yukon’s mining sector by improving competitiveness and creating high quality jobs for Yukoners,” said the PM’s office.

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3 reaktioner på ”Yukon satsar på gruvindustrin

  1. ”The Government of Canada recognizes the tremendous opportunities in the North’s resource sector, and supports responsible development that benefits Northerners,” said Minister Aglukkaq. ”Small-scale mining operations, including placer mines, are important contributors to the Yukon economy and this innovative research has the potential to create more jobs and economic opportunities in the mining sector.”


  2. Premiärminister Harpers egna ord:

    This industry is going to be the driving sector in terms of development in this territory going forward

    Väldigt positiv utveckling för gruvindustrin i Yukon.

    There’s gold, err, jobs in them thar hills, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
    So Monday he announced $5.6 million over four years to build a mining jobs training centre here to prepare Yukoners to work down below.


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