Guldaktier: ‘a set of circumstances that occurs every 10 years’

Rick Rule om guldaktiernas värdering på King World News blogg:

“Right now we are focused broadly on natural resources.  More specifically the public and private resource issuers in Canada and Australia, and probably more specifically than that on the precious metals side of the equation.

 It’s been very rare in my 35-year career that attractive precious metals companies are priced at or below our estimate of fair market value.  The last time we saw this set of circumstances occur was in 1999/2000.  The last time before that was in 1991.

 So this would seem to be a set of circumstances that occurs every 10 years.  When this set of circumstances occurs, it generally is in fairly bleak markets like the ones that we are in today.  My experience in the prior two periods like this has been that aggressive allocation to the best precious metals related explorers or developers in the junior sector, on a global basis, generate tremendous rewards in the ensuing 3-to-5-year time frame.



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