JP Morgan dominerar guldmarknaden

Kommentar från Ted Butler på Ed Steers blogg:

Even more shocking is that JPMorgan holds 51.5% of all long gold commercial contracts on the Comex, the largest precious metals exchange in the world. It is not possible that these market shares do not constitute price manipulation. And as extreme as JPMorgan’s gold market corner is, I still get the sense that the bank is holding back a bit in buying more because its market share is so unprecedented. I’d like to see anyone try to defend it in legitimate free market terms. – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 02 December 2013

Ed Steers kommentar under:

Well, the ‘fat finger’ showed up just as the gold and silver markets were about to go ‘no ask’ at the London p.m. gold fix. This was no accident, yet no one in the precious metal world will do a thing, especially the miners. The CFTC has done nothing in the past when prices are slammed like this, nor has the CME Group—so it’s just more proof that JPMorgan et al can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

I’m not sure what their end-game is at the moment, as JPMorgan et al show no signs of loosening their death grip on precious metal prices.

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2 reaktioner på ”JP Morgan dominerar guldmarknaden

  1. Ursäkta, helt off-topic. Känner du för att kommentera Wildcat. Upp 40% i år. Nån ljusning vad gäller Hermosa eller bara lyckorus. Jag skulle behöva lite inspiration då jag i denna takten snart är plus minus noll, köpt för ~50c, 2009 och 2010 nu 46c.

    Nån annan som ligger kvar? Hur tänker ni?

    Tack på förhand.



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