‘a God-given moment in these markets….’

Rick Rule om råvaruaktierna på King World News: 2014 Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Year For Gold & Silver

“We are at one of these wonderful places right now, coming off a bear market bottom, where there is liquidity in the market but things are still cheap as a consequence of a 75% decline on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  So this is a God-given moment in these markets….

….The ability to buy high quality gold and silver equities when they are reasonably priced only occurs once in a decade.  In addition to that, we think that gold and silver prices are going to increase.  So we are fairly happy across the spectrum.  We have done more private placements in the first seven weeks of this year than we did in the last six months of last year.  Meaning, these are very favorable market conditions from our perspective.




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