‘The most suspicious of all isn’t even the London Fix’

Ny artikel av James McShriley om hur guldpriset riggas: The Curious Case of the PM Fix vs. the AM Fix

The most suspicious of all isn’t even the London Fix, but rather the ”1% and 2% rule”. As I have documented for over 10 years nearly all gold rallies are capped at +1% basis the Comex pit close, which is the most widely reported price. A few, which I dub ”expanded limit” are capped at exactly +2%. So outrageous is this behavior that I have predicted hundreds of daily gold rallies virtually to the exact tick. I have even predicted in advance on more than one occasion a sequence of 4 consecutive trading days within pennies of each day’s close. To do this once as you know would be extraordinary, to do it over and over is akin to winning a Powerball lottery over, and over. Had somebody won a Powerball numerous times you would immediately suspect the game was rigged. The same holds true for gold trading on a daily basis. With HFT algos it has become child’s play to intervene with surgical precision.

 Had I won a Powerball multiple times I would expect to be investigated for fraud. Such odds in irregular gold trading activity have been ignored for too long, and any investigation is most welcome. Pollyanna beliefs about gold manipulation are terribly misguided. In light of ZIRP, LIBOR, and virtually every new day bringing another trading scandal is it realistic to claim gold is the only market NOT manipulated?  My research has involved thousands of hours, and as you might guess it’s a tedious venture. It is data and fact-based, not just opinion or ”conspiracy theory”. Anybody disputing manipulation should first review all data, including the works  of Adrian Douglas, Dmitri Speck, and the GATA archives. Or, if you’re up for it, spend thousands of hours of your life researching and DYODD.

Undra vem det är som har datorer som kan hålla guldpriset, världens mest handlade råvara inom en 1 procents intervall varje dag. Låter det som en marknad som styrs av massa olika aktörer eller låter det som den marknad som är dikterad av en enskild aktör? Att fortsätta ignorera data från verkligheten, dvs att tro att dessa marknader fungerar på ett sätt de uppenbarligen inte gör är inte speciellt produktivt.



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