Spaincoin: Ny kryptovaluta som delas ut till spanska folket

Ytterligare ett projekt som kan vara intressant att följa:

SpainCoin is a decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency; it is not controlled by banks or governments. Coins will be given away to the Spanish people so that they can start using their own cryptocurrency for their purchases and financial freedom.

Why SpainCoin?

Bitcoin has shown us that we can use a currency not created by states or banks. After the financial crisis, the massive and irresponsible indebtment, along with the government’s mismanagement, the Spanish people are fed up. SpainCoin is born in these circumstances, created by the people and for the people, who have been affected by the crisis and mistreated by the banks and the government.

Using SpainCoin is a way for the individual to get back his freedom and have 100% control over his money and assets, breaking free from the shackles of central banks. Unlike other cryptocoins, less accesible for the general population, SpainCoin will be distributed among all Spaniards.

SpainCoin launches on Wednesday, March 12th, 8pm CET (GMT+1), don’t miss it! You will be able to download your wallet then.

Marknadsvärde $44,798,055

Samtidigt fortsätter spanska folkets skulder att explodera eftersom spanska staten tillåter banksystemet att råna dem: Spain public debt hits record high in 2013



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