‘Gold is a political metal’

Från ett tal av Ferdinands Lips 2004 (källa):

Not only is there a correlation between gold-backed currencies and war, but also between gold-backed currencies and freedom. In a famous essay entitled Gold and Economic Freedom that current US Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan wrote in 1966, he said the gold standard promotes prosperity and freedom.When we recall that one of the first official acts of Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler (and, by the way, Franklin D. Roosevelt) was to forbid the private ownership of gold, this relationship becomes clear. Even now, the price of gold is still manipulated each day and kept artificially low. Those in power want to maintain the fictitious status of the dollar, at least for as long as possible. In my book Gold Wars, I described this manipulation.

All of the economic, monetary and financial catastrophes of the past 30 years can be traced back to this abandonment of the gold standard. Today’s system of unbacked paper money is still very young. It relies solely on faith – faith that the debts upon which it is based will be repaid someday. A single, one-off event that could shake this faith, and thus the foundation of the financial system, is a robust upsurge in the dollar price of gold. That is the entire reason why gold is manipulated each day. But we know from the history of the Gold Pool in the 1960s that gold cannot be manipulated endlessly. At the time, the central banks tried to fix the price of gold at 35 dollars an ounce. The Gold Pool fell apart on 17 March 1968, and the entire pitiful experiment became the object of ridicule. Gold is very cheap today because the governments of the world tamper with its price on a daily basis.



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