‘Gold stock bear analogs’ & ‘Silver price volatility lowest in decade’

Från en artikel på thedailygold.com där nuvarande negativa trend i silver jämförs med tidigare: Gold Stocks Rolling Over to Early Summer Low

This chart helped us spot the last two major lows. It may not tell us where the next low will be but it strongly argues that the next low will likely be the final low in this arduous bottoming process which is already in its 11th month.


Artikel nr 2 visar att volatiliteten i silverpriset nått lägsta nivån på mycket länge: Silver price volatility lowest in decade – now watch it move

In a new note, the research team at ETF Securities predict that the silver price, which has been drifting lower is in for a sharp reversal:

”Silver was the only precious metal to end last week with an YTD loss.

”Downside support for the silver price is near US$19/oz. and 30-day volatility is the lowest in a decade.

”Historically this has often been a precursor to a price rally”:



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