Så tajt är silvermarknaden

Mer Ted Butler hos Ed Steer som visar hur lite som krävs för att silverpriset ska explodera högre:

There is only $20 to $25 billion worth of silver bullion in the world or one one-hundredth of one percent (0.01%) of the $200 trillion of total personal financial wealth. By comparison, total world gold holdings of 5.5 billion oz are worth more than $7 trillion or 300 times the value of total silver bullion. Of course, all the world’s silver bullion is owned by a wide variety of investors, so it is somewhat presumptuous to call it available. Only the actual owners will determine at what price the silver is truly available. All the silver bullion in the world is very much different than all the available silver bullion in the world. One thing much more certain is that $200 trillion worth of world personal wealth exists and if the smallest fraction of one percent of that wealth tries to buy the metal, the price lid will be blown off. – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 18 June 2014


En reaktion på ”Så tajt är silvermarknaden

  1. Despite the confusion on the part of many who only look at gold and silver from a distance as to what the sudden price jump was all about, the truth is that I was more surprised that silver prices jumped as little as they did considering the force and urgency of the technical fund short covering. The question was never if the technical funds would buy in unison with “at the market” buy orders; the question was always how forceful would the commercials (raptors and big 8 shorts) be in selling to those technical fund urgent buy orders. The answer so far is that the raptors, at least, have been quite forceful in their selling of long positions. – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 21 June 2014


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