‘The final flush out in silver’

Ted Butler kommenterar den kortsiktiga riktningen för silver på Ed Steers blogg:

The probabilities still suggest that further technical fund selling to continue in COMEX gold and silver, but that is not written in stone. In fact, on a short term basis, anything could occur because the collusive commercials still appear to be in complete control. If the commercials want to ring the cash register further and buy gold and silver contracts on prices rigged lower, they will. If the commercials want to see the technical funds buy more contracts first, the commercials will rig prices higher. Not for an instant do I think it will remain this way forever, but it looks that way for the short term. In the interim, if we do experience a final COMEX commercial flush out, I intend to treat it as the final flush out.Silver analyst Ted Butler: 27 August 2014




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