Inget nytt men….

Då det svenska privata skuldberget helt väntat passerade 3,000,000,000,000:- (källa) kan det vara värt att börja fundera på varifrån alla dessa pengar som lånas ut kommer. Läs följande text tillräckligt många gånger tills du förstår innebörden:

Have you ever wondered how everyone… governments, corporations, small businesses, families can all be in debt at the same time and for such astronomical amounts? Have you ever questioned how there can be that much money out there to lend? Now you know. There isn’t. Banks do not lend money. They simply create it from debt. And, as debt is potentially unlimited, so is the supply of money.

Isn’t it astounding, that despite the incredible wealth of resources, innovation and productivity that surrounds us, almost all of us, from governments to companies to individuals, are heavily in debt to bankers!

If only people would stop and think – How can that be? How can it be that the people who actually produce all the real wealth in the world are in debt to those who merely lend out the money that represents the wealth?!!!


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