‘JPMorgan may not wish to remain the prime silver manipulator’

Ted Butler om JP Morgans position på silvermarknaden:

As I mentioned previously, JPMorgan’s concentrated short position in COMEX silver is now lower than it has been since acquiring Bear Stearns in early 2008. If anything, JPM’s COMEX silver short may even be lower than I have calculated, simply because it is no longer that large relative to the holdings of the three other big shorts. With just over 34,000 contracts held short by the big 4, once you subtract JPM’s 10,000 short contracts, the remaining three shorts average 8,000 contracts each. This is a far cry from years earlier when JPMorgan singlehandedly held as many as 40,000 contracts of COMEX silver net short and represented close to 70% of the big 4’s total silver shorts. Both the longer term and recent trends seem to indicate JPMorgan may not wish to remain the prime silver manipulator as it clearly had been in the past.

Throw in my previous speculation that JPMorgan has been buying physical silver over the past three and a half years with a reckless abandon and may, in fact, be Mr. Big when it comes to buying in SLV and in Silver Eagles; it is easy to conclude that JPM may hold an extreme net long position in silver despite holding 10,000 COMEX contracts (50 million oz) short. As such, it would appear JPMorgan could be positioned much better for an upside move in silver than at any time in the bank’s history, both before and after Bear Stearns. And as a bonus to the bank, none of its suspected holdings on the long side of silver would appear to be reportable; thus keeping the holdings and any eventual gains undisclosed.Silver analyst Ted Butler: 20 October 2014



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