’65 continuous years of silver inventory depletion’

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”As a result of 65 continuous years of silver inventory depletion, there are now less silver ounces in the world than there are gold ounces; where formerly there were five times more silver ounces than gold ounces. While world silver inventories are down 90% since 1940 to just above one billion ounces, world gold inventories are up from 2 billion oz to 5.5 billion oz. Yet, despite the stunning about face in relative inventories and with silver, in effect, becoming rarer than gold, the relative price of silver compared to gold is the same as it was 60 years ago. In other words, in 1950 the silver/gold ratio was near the same 63 to 1 ratio that it is today.

”How can that be? How can one comparable commodity lose 90% of its inventory and another comparable commodity have its inventory almost triple and…

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