Swiss Gold Referendum, bara dagar kvar part 2

Text från boken Gold Wars skriven av Ferdinand Lips:

The Swiss franc had an attraction the dollar did not have. Its tie to gold could no longer be tolerated by the masters of a future new world order – Ferdinand Lips

The Enemy from Inside

The financial press of March 18, 1997, announced how a study group of the Swiss Department of Finance and the SNB had worked out proposals for a more profitable management of the Bank’s currency reserves, in other words, they had graduated to the modern central bank portfolio theory. In it’s 90th Annual Report closing December 31, 1997, the SNB gives an absolutely unsatisfactory explanation for lowering the gold reserve requirement. It said that the reduction to 25% was necessary because otherwise the gold lending activities would have compromised the SNB by violating the legal limits. Such a justification is hard to believe, but what is even harder to believe is that the SNB should resort to such a bogus explanation.

For me, a Swiss citizen whose family is Swiss on both parents side for as long as there are written records, this was betrayal. It was completely against Swiss traditional thinking and behavior. We Swiss have always been slow to adopt new foreign procedures, and, in particular, revolutions of such a fundamental nature. Of cource, there was the constant lameting and influencing by a destructive media. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that the main instigators for the change of mind came from overseas. Some foreign master planners with great experience and full of brilliant tactics must have suggested this course of action to Swiss central bankers, making this caper the envy of Clausewits or Sun-Tzu had they been alive. For the foreign manipulators, the last gold-backed currency, the Swiss Franc, was the only remaining obstacle to be removed from the path to the fairyland of a global fiat currency. Who needs a small country in the middle of the Alps to have the impertinence to own all that gold and to have the best currency? The treasure in the mountains had to be taken by an unususal maneuver.

When reading the following paragraphs, one should keep in mind that the main arena in which these events took place remained to be the war against gold. There is nothing else that worries the would-be masters of the world more than the power of gold. Throughout history there were many ambitious politicians who wanted to become the master of the universe. Today this dream still prevails in some arrogant minds. In order to create a world with one government, one central bank and one currency, the biggest and most important obstacle in the path of attaining that goal must be destroyed, and that is gold.

However, and as said before, the war against Switzerland, or the battle for the Swiss gold, was already won 1992, when the country joined the IMF. That was the decisive moment when the usually prudent and historically solid Swiss did not pay attention. What was to follow could be achieved relatively easily by the powerbrokers.




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