Silver stiger 100% på 6-8 månader

Om mönstret upprepas. Varje gång silver rört sig så här har en massiv uppgång följt kort därefter, varje sådan har var kring 100% upp på 6-8 månader:


Det som gör situationen mer positiv den här gången än tidigare är att silverpriset är mer översålt än på 80-talet, efter det historiska raset. Silver är mao mer översålt än någonsin och har sedan 2011 gått igenom än av de längsta korrektionerna på mycket länge.

Clive Maund: Silver to start a major uptrend

Även Clive Maund verkar nu vara övertygad om att silver påbörjat en ny uppgångsfas: Silver Market Update

The outlook for the dollar is terrible – it has just broken lower from the Right Shoulder peak of a large Head-and-Shoulders top, and once it breaks down from the entire pattern it will be headed a lot lower. This is what looks set to be a big driver for the expected major uptrend in gold and silver. We look at the latest dollar charts in the parallel Gold Market update.

In conclusion, silver is viewed as having broken out last week to start a MAJOR uptrend, and thus it is certainly not too late to go long or add to existing positions, and one can guard against the (now considered remote) possibility of this rally being a B-wave trap by simply placing stops, either below the support at the Right Shoulder low at $32, or below the early November lows.

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Charles Nenner om silver: It’s almost time to get bullish again


Gold and Silver prices to explode in the next months says economist Charles Nenner, ”The cycle was down into April,” Nenner says, but reversed at the beginning of this week, a couple weeks early. ”People had to be shaken out,” he says in reference to last year’s run at all-time highs. ”It cannot be that everybody makes money on gold.” Nenner is looking at a rise to the $2,500 level in the next 12 to 18 months. And his outlook for silver is even brighter.”It’s almost time to get bullish again,” Nenner says, ”about two weeks or so.” From there, he’s looking for a move to all-time highs, and possibly beyond. Silver is going back to $50 but ”that doesn’t mean $50 has to be the end.” ”The small investors get in at the end and then the big guys are selling again,” Nenner warns. ”That has to change. People have to be educated better.”

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Gene Arensberg skriver om flaggformationen i silver

Från Gene Arensbergs sida Got Gold Report: Silver in Giant Flag or Pennant Formation

looking at the graph below for iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV), a reasonable proxy for silver metal, we are struck with the thought that what we are witnessing is a giant technical “flag” or perhaps a “pennant” formation playing out while traders adjust to the news and the May sell-down aftereffects.

As we look at SLV in the chart, we can point to several lines in the “support” sand from $24 to about $30 (very roughly $25 to $31 silver), with the idea that if silver were to see another leg down just ahead we ought to see very staunch support coming in that range.

A convincing break below that blue “flag” line would be a bad, bearish signal. On the other hand, should silver catch a year-end bid, a key area to watch is the upper “resistance” trend line currently crossing through about SLV $36. A convincing breakout above that line of implied resistance would be a buy-stop triggering signal that silver “wants” to go much higher…..

…if what we are actually witnessing is a giant flag or pennant formation … and if that flag eventually resolves to the upside, as the commercials are apparently positioning for, … well, it just might be the mother of all midpoint consolidations for silver metal.

Silver Uppdatering

Silver handlas nu under låg volym vid ungefär 34,4 där MA50 weekly ligger, en av dom absolut mest viktiga nivåerna för silver. Anledningen till att man tar ner silver vid den här tiden på dagen är troligtvis för att man kan göra det under låg volym eftersom få deltar i handeln. Jag skulle inte bli förvånad om silver handlas mycket högre när handeln väl startar på riktigt senare idag. Men som vanligt i en manipulerad marknad, allt kan hända på kort sikt.